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Uni is a slice of life VN about a young woman who returns to school after some time off due to a personal tragedy. You'll make decisions that will shape the course of your school life, such as which clubs to join, which job to work, and of course- who your romantic partners are!

  • Sizzling Hot Scenes- Jam packed with erotic moments and encounters!
  • Clothing Customization- Buy and wear a variety of outfits!
  • Interior Design- Customize your bedroom from a selection of styles!

The game is currently in active development and receives monthly updates featuring new scenes and artwork. Sexual content currently in the game includes:

Corruption,  Hetero,  Yuri,  Domination,  Submission,  Multiple Pairings (MMF),  LesDom,  Voyeurism,  Prostitution,  Bimbofication,  And More!

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Install instructions

For Windows: Download the .zip file, then extract it. 

For Android: Download the .Apk file, Open the file in your androids files, Install. You can also download this using your computer then transferring the file to your android later using it's USB charger, if it's capable of transferring data.

For MAC: Download and Extract .zip


Windows & Linux - 0.31.88
Android - 0.31.88
MAC - 0.31.88

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Trying the game out for a bit. A couple times it references characters giving you paper with numbers but it hasn't been clear if you can check those or if they are hints at content later

If you are talking about the lottery numbers, they have no significance. Purely random from my understanding.

was talking about characters like nate and a business guy if I remember correctly. 

Can someone Tell me how to get the new conflict for Violet,The asshole,and Damien ?

This is really good. Looking forward to more of the bakery route! Gotta say, I'm a sucker for bimbofication ^///^

Just a little question, do you think you will ad some animation(s) in your games?

Is this for 32 bit or 64 bit :(

I think 64 bit because after extracted the files there Uni.exe and Uni-32.exe.

Will there be more for the mafia storyline in the next update? I really enjoy the concept of getting involved in that kind of stuff. Also, the game is really enjoyable to date so keep up the good work.


Thank you. The next update will not feature a continuation of the Mafia storyline, but will very soon.

When Update? :

Next public update will be in a few months.
Which will be all the accumulated updates up to that version.


Very good game, good art & story


Thank you, glad you're enjoying it. 

How do I get the last pictures from Violet and if I would start the story from the beginning, do I lose the collected pictures?

(1 edit)

No you don't loose them. When you aquired all (Not all) the pictures from each story line that you choose, you can always startover to try another one so that you can get more pictures..

Chances are the ones you're missing is from Violet's alternate Sub or Dom route.

Hello! On Android, I can't get past the naming part? No matter how many times I hit the enter key it doesn't work?

I have not heard of this bug before. You're not leaving it blank are you?

No, I'm putting my name in, but it's not working?


That is... very strange. I'll try to replicate this, but I doubt I'll be able to.


Hello again, I haven't been able to replicate this bug on my end. Chances are it could very well be something to do with your androids version. There are often bugs with android that happen due to what version they are on and it's out of our control.

 I have not played the game for around a month or two and so I downloaded the game again for the updates and went to load, I press on my load file from before and it says "An exception has occurred." after that, it would take me to the start/introduction of the game and I am unable to continue from any of my last save files. Please tell me what I should do xx

If you're attempting to use old save files that's probably the problem there.
Often with updates images get renamed, variables get added, conditionals get tweaked, and these changes are sometimes not carried into old saves which will break the game when you try to load from it. 

I see, do I have to replay the game then?


Does anyone know how to get the 7th image for Damien ?

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If i remember correctly you got that one in the bar route. When Mc gets horny, you could call somebody. If you are friends with Damien, there is your chance. But not sure if it's the 7th scene.

Yep this is it. Thanks.


I got a question. Will Matt ever change in the future? Because I feel like this asshole is gonna stay an asshole and treat Chelsea terribly 

There will be an event that can happen that will completely change his demeanor, however, after that you cannot continue his route.

Awesome game, definitely looking forward to more!

Thank you!


It says '' package was corrupted'' when i try to dowload do you have another link ?


Try to download it through Gamejolt via this link:

Worked for me.


yes it works, thanks bro


I gotchu fam

Any animation yet or still same  art work?

I don't know how to get the first illustration for the cafe and also the last one for Matt, if anybody could help

(1 edit)

May anybody help me. I tried so many times to get these 3 Matt scenes. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong. Maybe I am doing  the wrong routes or something like that? If somebody could give me a hint, it would be really nice.


uh well one of them is a rape scene uh well you gotta slap matt at the beginning and help damien then walk in the city until the event happens so uh have fun with that one i guess dunno about the other two dont really like matt


I've notived on Android that various portions of dialogue are cut off… Unfortunately, I only have a screenshot for one of the three times I can recall it so far…


Mildly related; but once a set of choices pop up, I can't roll back to see the text related to the choices, nor can I open the standard menus for saving, loading, history, etcetera. On top of that, I also can't open said menus whenever the dialoge box is missing; such as traveling anywhere (via clicking hotspots).

I suggest moving the menus to the phone, and letting the phone be brought up at any point, including during choices, to allow easy access to the menus at all times.—If that's possible, that is.

This is great. There's not enough adult games with female protagonist. Would love to continue Nate & friends story line

is there a "what's new" post for the public version? I really wanna read it

There is!
Here you are:

thank you!

May I suggest to continue the event of Nate and Co.? Specially when they successfully groped chelsea on bar. Can you give us an Choice Option if either continue or go home because Nate ask chelsea if they want to continue but chelsea decide to go home. In my opinion, chelsea is selfish that time.

P.s I love the new update <3

Right now the Nate and Co. route is finished for now. But it's still left open should we return to it.
If we do return to it we'll hit it with a fresh look and delve deeper into the fetishes that make it fun.
Glad to hear it, I'm just glad it's not as broken as the last update. XD

May I know if Chelsea will get pregnant? coz Violet mentioned someone who get pregnant is that kind of foreshadowing?

Also  there is a chance to see what Drew looks like?

Tbh gangbang is my fetish and desires to impregnate

No impregnation stuff is planned. Since that would have to occur over the course of a few months in game and would have to center around it.


We hope the this new version eliminates the problems that people were having.

question when will you fix the issue on android?? i wanna play it so bad now

At the earliest next month probably

(1 edit)

It won't let me select any options on the main menu after launching the game on Android. Please look into this or let me know if I am doing something wrong.

Deleted 19 days ago

Did you start corrupting her? (telling her to flash panties, etc.) I think that prevents her romance.

Deleted 19 days ago

If you want to romance her then yes don't say anything to pervert her

Do not corrupt Kate at Any cost And Reject All Lewd things On the cafe

(1 edit)

It was kind of fun. I really liked it especially with the Nate and co and Damien, buuut I really wish you could make your own choices in certain parts. Especially with Matt. And I also wish Keith/Matt didn't have to do ultimatums of sorts. Like blackmail or guilt trip. Again, there isn't a whole lot you can do in terms of choices. You can't quit the job and you can't shake Matt off. Or at least I haven't played it long enough to do so. 


It there a guide or walkthrough anywhere?

Can I ask if the fix is complete?

When they fix it it will be in the next game version maybe next month

(1 edit)

So Every Chelsea and violet lewd scene the image does not show up is just as black screen with the dialouge. I don't know if this is a bug or it is meant this way cause this is my first time playing this game.

EDIT:trying to re install the game. It did not work the image still does not show up

What version?

if you're talking about the dream scenes, it's supposed to be black screen.

ahhh I see

Not all scenes have cgs yet but I swear slot of violet scenes have cg's

how do i download the new update? do i just re-download the game?

I've played this game a while now, and I kinda enjoy it.

But, can someone please give me tips on how getting corruption without the Matt-Route? I really want to avoid this guy and still want the lewd scenes with Damien.

Ps. I'm playing on Android

Lots of opportunities if you take the cafe job and also when walking around town (be "friendly" to people you meet).

One good side event for it is the cafe one. Not the one you work at but the one you visit as the customer. There's this man who offers you drink. Go along with him.

It's not working completely.

The one with the cafes really helps out (thanks for that), but some options lower my corruption. 

Is there maybe anything specific I can choose in certain events in school to raise my corruption/prevent my corruption to drop?

In school there's only Matt as far as I know. But I've not really had much trouble to raise my corruption through outside events personally.

Also forgot to mention it but also "working" at the cafe gives you the opportunity to quickly raise your corruption.

It's working now.

Thanks for the help.

(1 edit)

do you think the option to change breast size will be possible in the future?

Well, in the backery route MC gets the option to make them bigger, idk if they plan on other ways tho.

I meant more like a setting at the start of the game, ill admit im partial to smaller.

But thats interesting, havent finished the bakery route before.

Is there any walkthroughs available? If not I need advice on the violet route. I have all but the last 5 in the current gallery for her. I work at the cafe, I'm sub to Matt, and I'm a cheerleader. 

Ofc, spoilers (kinda).

For the last one you have to play with her being MC's sub, get fired of the cafe and start to work at the bar. There is one scene that leaves MC really horny, and it gives you the option to call someone, call her and  there you have it.

For the other four, just play the route of her being MC's dom.

how to get fired from the cafe? (I am updating from 0.13.60)

Cant start a game on android


how much will the final game cost?


We are certainly a long way from that point and plan on continuing public releases for a while. A price for the final version is not on our minds at the moment.
We just want to make a fun game for people to play.

Can't download any of the versions.


Currently looking into fixes.

кто открыл все сцены? 

I have almost all of them, just need two from Damien. If you have any questions...

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