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Uni is a slice of life VN about a young woman who returns to school after some time off due to a personal tragedy. You'll make decisions that will shape the course of your school life, such as which clubs to join, which job to work, and of course- who your romantic partners are!

  • Sizzling Hot Scenes- Jam packed with erotic moments and encounters!
  • Clothing Customization- Buy and wear a variety of outfits!
  • Interior Design- Customize your bedroom from a selection of styles!

The game is currently in active development and receives bi-monthly updates featuring new scenes and artwork. Sexual content currently in the game includes:

Corruption,  Hetero,  Yuri,  Domination,  Submission,  Multiple Pairings (MMF),  LesDom,  Voyeurism,  Prostitution,  Bimbofication,  And More!

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By supporting us, you'll be able to get access to the latest versions of the game, containing even more content!

We hope that you enjoy your time with Uni, feel free to reach out to us with feedback on Patreon, Discord or in the comments below! Thank you. 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(441 total ratings)
AuthorsHizor, TinyHat Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Adult, Dating Sim, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Life Simulation, Ren'Py, Romance, Yuri
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

For Windows: Download the .zip file, then extract it. 

For Android: Download the .Apk file, Open the file in your androids files, Install. You can also download this using your computer then transferring the file to your android later using it's USB charger, if it's capable of transferring data.

For MAC: Download and Extract .zip


Uni 0.41.100 - Windows & Linux (MEGA)
Uni 0.41.100 - Windows & Linux (Google Drive)
Uni 0.41.100 - Android (MEGA)
Uni 0.41.100 - Android (Google Drive)
Uni 0.41.100 - MAC (MEGA)
Uni 0.41.100 - MAC (Google Drive)

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best game I had for months after play nearly all the stuff from f95, u the king man, love the matt route

More to come!


Make so we can download through itch

how do you use cheats

Use the laptop in MC`s room, you can activate the cheats in the right corner, after that you have to click 5 in the living room.


when the next update


January 1st

Will the next public release fix the gallery bug?

Gallery bug has been fixed in the updates after this one.

Yes it will be fixed.


Hey there

I've been trying to continue with my karaoke story, but no matter what i do it won't go past the scene where you confront Jun and the boys. is there anything that I can do to remedy this or is it a bug? really hoping to get the scene where they beat up Matt.

Thanks so much


Stop using unsupported download sites.

Here are Itchio's compatibility guides:



Please use a supported method, so updates can be downloaded directly through the app.


I played through all the kate and violet routes and some of the damien routes. Probably the best hentai game I've ever played. I'd support on Patreon if I could. I wish there was more wholesome stuff. Amazing game though.

Thank you! More to come!

Can i have two lovers?,I'm trying to date kate and violet but i have to choose one

You can, but you will have to choose one eventually.

Hi! I downloaded this game long ago, I got the 0.31.88 version. Is the latest version save compatible?

Usually they are not. You can still use an old save, but chances are you're going to get errors.

Hi just wondering can you be with Ryan front the track team 

Sadly, no none of the club members have romance routes.

oh okay thanks 😊 

(1 edit)

after Violet goes to Prague, what do I need to do for her to respond to your text messages or return to school?

That text is a random one and things will return to normal afterwards. No requirement to do anything.


Will this be updated again?


Yes. It's still in active development with new updates being posted on the Patreon every 2 months, and the public version being updated every 6 months.


Is it possible to get older versions? I want to add mods to check them out, but they're incompatible with newer versions

Which version are you trying to get? We don't keep an archive of the older versions due to a lack of space, but we do keep a few versions back. Usually 3.

anyone know any other games like this?


Tuition Academy
Good Girl Gone Bad

Hello, I noticed that in Android version v0.41.100 the karaoke story doesn't go any further, even though you knocked back on the wall and confronted Jun and his men. This means Jun doesn't kidnapp and beat up Matt. So you don't get the pictures for the gallery.

I also noticed (already in previous versions) that some images do not appear while playing, but only become visible through the cheat. For example, when you sit with Damian in the café for the first time and ask if he is always there alone or if he likes the waitress, the pictures do not appear. Another example, when Matt is playing on her boobs in the classroom, the image of her turning her head to the side does not appear. Also, the cell phone photo from the locker room that Matt took after he forced her to touch herself doesn't appear.

Also, there is no way to send the selfi in the blue maid dress, that Violett is supposed to give you, to Damian and Matt. The maid's dress never appears.

I hope it was helpful that I wrote this down for you.

I love this game and enjoy playing it a lot. :) 

Sounds like you didn't continue the rest of the Mafia events to get the favor to call in.
The Damien CG Scene at the Cafe appears as intended.
In the first CG with Matt fondling Chelsea there is no variant where she "turns her head to the side". Not sure what you mean by this exactly, but the CG works on our end.
The cell phone photo also works on our end as well. Unless you mean that it doesn't show up the gallery. Which it doesn't.
The Blue Maid dress is not the blue dress Violet gives you. It's only a selfie you send to Matt when you message him through the phone.

okay, thank you :)

Great vn i love the story and the characters keep up the good work

Thank you!

Any plans to add a path where you are the dom Kate or Violet and Matt blackmails them as well? 

No plans for that.


Is my game bugged? Most of the scenes just don't show at all. 

Which scenes? Almost all the scenes in the game have art right now.

(1 edit)

The ones with matt mostly. I just get black screens. They'll show dialouge but no art. 

(1 edit)

I checked back in on this game after a long wait, seeing what new content there is. Unfortunately it seems that this game still is stupidly tight on money. I want to play a fun kink game, not get anxious about paying the bills and feeding my cat. Cat feed is not $50 a week, and either add some events that give money (randomly finding a $20 on the street) or give a slight boost to the lower paying jobs. Or just reduce rent to $400 so its enough to be there, but not enough to seriously impact the player. 

After reloading I pinched pennies (I was $1 off of rent) and passed it but yeah, cat feed is way too expensive and rent just isn't a good mechanic in this type of game unless you tune it to be something players won't notice unless they are trying to fail.

(1 edit) (-1)

i already played the game 4 times just to see all cg's without using cheats and i didnt had any problems with money. with the cat food you can just simply ignore it for atleast 3 days after warning or jgnore it for good. you dont have to buy them outfits immediately or room designs etc.


also theres no problem with the rent. first time the landlord will collect money and u cant pay mc will just give him BJ. then by the time for his next rent. i believe youve already done too many events . its just the matter of right choices and corruptness if u want to earn large amount of money

Love this game. 😆 Will there any side stories to pull uno reverse card on Matt and dom him or corrupting Damien with enough corruption? I love corrupting others in porn games. 😆

So do I, but sadly there won't be that for Matt and Damien. We have that for the Cafe and Bakery routes though.

(1 edit)

Hello, when do we expect new update for the public release?


January 1st.


Hey, love your work! Had been playing it around 2019-2020. Now, I got a question. IIRC on the older builds I could befriend a local crimeboss, but now I seem can't achieve it. I remember on the older builds I need to choose "confront them" prompt, and then when I walk around there's a chance that i could go back to the karaoke and meet with him again. But now, after several playthrough, I can't seem to prompt the karaoke event after confronting them, Is this a bug or I just got my routes confused and mixed up? Thx and keep going at it man!

Thanks! Glad to see you back, you can still befriend them, currently not aware of a bug surrounding not meeting them that we haven't fixed, but we can take a look.

Hey, thanks for the response! So yeah, I've done every possible combination of routes these past days and I seem to be unable to trigger meeting Jun for the second time after confronting them in the karaoke. I've got almost all CGs and the one I'm missing is Matt getting beaten up by Jun so yeah, I am wondering why I can't seem to trigger a karaoke event after I met Jun for the first time (confronting them). Thank you for taking your time to reply and checking it out!


Hey, just wanted to say I really appreciate the writing being done in second person perspective. I think it works really well for games like this, but not many do it. It's a big part of the reason why I enjoy the game so much. Thanks for all of your great work!

Thank you for your support!


Does anyone know any games like this? If so please tell me 


Good Girl Gone Bad
Tuition Academy


Thank you

Any others?

Hi, Hizor, do you have some mail where I can send you some feedback about the game? I can't find where to private message you to give you my feedback. (You have Twitter messages disabled, itch.io doesn't have private messages...)

I'm too shy to just talk about it in public, don't you have some mail where I can send it to you? (Also is a bit too long to just write it here)


I sent you a mail with a file in which I have written everything I wanted to say.

I hope it doesn't end in your spam folder because of it. I will wait for your answer through mail. Thanks for your time.

im completely stuck. originally tried going with the kate route but it just evolved into infinite circle of going to school>work>sleep without any cutscenes or such, any way to fix?

In my experience playing the game, there's three possible options.

1. You need to go to a specific location at a specific time for the next event.

2. You need to contact her first.

3. You made a wrong decision and accidentally closed off her route.

For the Kate route, you have limit the "corrupt" things you do (at least in the Cafe or around Kate)

You can leave your shirt buttons open, but you need to discourage Kate from doing so.

Bruh that Matt dude is supposed to be Dominant and Intimidating? Bruh he looks like a Femboy yikes

Deleted 102 days ago

I'm trying to recall any unavoidable non-con scenes, and drawing a blank. In my experience playing this game, every non-con, assault, rape, etc scene was always something you could get out of. The dream sequences have absolutely no effect on the rest of the game, so if you don't like the content in them, it's pretty easy to just.......hit ctrl and skip them.

Deleted 102 days ago

Yeah, the keyword there is try. Every attempt made, you can put a stop to. If I recall, stopping it at both points is how you tell the game not to give you more.

Deleted 102 days ago

Dude, it's a single boob grope, and your character can almost immediately stop it by decking him across the face. If you weren't expecting any potential non-con stuff on a game that literally presents itself as having Corruption, Prostitution, and Bimbofication, then that's a you problem, and you should probably start wearing a helmet from now on.

Hihi, I tried looking through the comments and didn't see it answered, so I'd like to ask: will Matt ever develop romantic feelings for the MC (not in the sense that he completely changes his personality/behavior because of that), or is his route strictly sexual/blackmail? And if he does develop feelings will it be possible to date him later on?

The Matt route is purely sexual and doesn't develop into any standard romance.

Gotcha, ty for answering

When is V0.42 available on public?

0.42 will no be available to the public. The public version is updated every 6 month months.
This does not mean in 6 months you'll get 0.42, but rather 0.44 when 0.45 is released to the Patrons.

We work on a 2-month development cycle for updates (Used to be a new update every month, but crunch was getting a bit too much for our team.) so every 2 months there is a new update to Uni with every 6 months updating the public build.

Eventually, once all of "Act 1" is finished i.e all conflict events, and all route lock and side events are cleaned up, the public updates will stop altogether as that will be a stable enough build with enough content for a good public demo.

Hello, Can someone Can tell me if Is it normal that there is no sound on the Android version?

There really is no audio, it's frustrating, I feel like it's a bug ?

There are no sfxs in the game.

Question, how do i progress past just the festival with damien?

The 0.41.100 update is very nice.

I got a good laugh at the show down at the cafe with Harper at the (current) end of the Kate romance path.

On the cheerleader path, the swimwear store outing was mostly very fun. Didn't expect Tracy to be as much of a bully as she turned out to be. I did think of  a great retort to Tracy's comment about one piece swimsuits being for children - "What about the girls on the swim team? Or the life guard girls?"

Previously, I hadn't done the Damian path with the cheerleading path. Was very sweet for Damian to help Chelsea practice - even though he did miss catching her.

Speaking of Damian's visits to Chelsea's clubs, he visited track club before he asked her which club she was in.

And speaking of track club, the (half) track meet was good. I did notice that the story said Saturday, though game day was a Sunday (Day 63) when I played it.

My favorite scene, so far, is the curtained booth in the super fancy restaurant with Violet - very romantic and deliciously steamy/naughty.

So far, my favorite path is the subby Violet one. Which surprised me because I am not good at being either dom or sub.

How does this corruption system work? Ive only gotten it up to a 3

You pretty much just need to choose the more depraved, sexual, and morally questionable actions. Wandering the city, I've found, is a pretty good way to get events that boost your corruption. As are decisions you make at work, at the Bakery it's a good idea to be extremely submissive towards Keith belittling you to get your corruption up, and at the Cafe doing the sexual favors for bigger tips gets it up pretty well, in my experience.

If you are going the Kate romance path, don't encourage her to open buttons on her shirt (but is ok if you do it). Not sure what other corrupt actions at the cafe you can get away with - certainly not any that involve Kate.

Caesarin explained it pretty well in his reply. Any choice that is more depraved or slutty will increase your corruption points.
If you get 100 and unlock the "Corrupted" achievement you'll get a new school uniform. (You can switch back to the old one in the wardrobe if you wish)


Really been enjoying this game so far, and I enjoy how much different content there is.

However, can we expect to see nsfw content with other side characters? Personally, I'd most be looking forwards to August or Alice, because tomboys are amazing.

There are plans to have sexual content with those characters down the line. It's just going to take a bit to get to them as we're focusing on the main character routes at the moment.
I am glad to hear that you're enjoying what is there so far though! Makes working on the game all the more worth it!

Quick question? Are the version number represent the amount of content being finished? So for example 0.41.100 means 41% of the game done (and 60% to go)

(1 edit)

That's a good way to look at it. Considering the completion is around that percentage.
But the version numbering for Uni works like this:
First Number: Completed Release
Second: Major Update (Heavy amount of new scenes, writing etc.)
Third: Minor Update (Bug fixes, sprite fixes, missing images, QoL, etc)

Version numbering really comes down the developer and there is really no set standard for it.

I just discovered the game recently, and if it is only at around 40% done, it has a shit ton of content! I am really amazed!

Anal sex?

Not at the moment. There will be some scenes in the future that have it as anal is usually something that is experimented with later on in a relationship or found out roughly if you're hopping around from person to person.


The new version did not update the older version, but rather simply installed a second copy of the game on our phone.

Additionally, the new version doesn't save and load from the same location as the old version.

The old version in question is 0.31.88b, and even has a nice "Uni is Loading…" splash screen instead of the same splash screen every other Ren'Py game uses, which the new version is also using. We like the 0.31.88b splash screen better.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The updates to Ren'py have messed up a lot in regards to the Android build. I wasn't even aware the splash screen was no longer showing up. We'll work to fix this. 

hey I love this game and enjoy it so much thank you hizor for such an awesome game 

I am a big fan of Damien his character his interests how nerdy he is I love everything about him he is so adorable and cute <3

just a thought that i had so spoilers  ahead 


After replaying the game while focusing on Damien I feel like there is a side of him that he is hiding like how he knows Chelsea's favourite flowers and the colours of her homecoming dress without her ever mentioning it and how her panties disappeared after they had sex maybe he is more kinky than he let on and hiding  it from her I am so intrigued but maybe I am just overthinking it and there is nothing XD

Anyway this game desrve all the love and support  you are making an awesome game <3

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