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Uni is a slice of life VN about a young woman who returns to school after some time off due to a personal tragedy. You'll make decisions that will shape the course of your school life, such as which clubs to join, which job to work, and of course- who your romantic partners are!

  • Sizzling Hot Scenes- Jam packed with erotic moments and encounters!
  • Clothing Customization- Buy and wear a variety of outfits!
  • Interior Design- Customize your bedroom from a selection of styles!

The game is currently in active development and receives bi-monthly updates featuring new scenes and artwork. Sexual content currently in the game includes:

Corruption,  Hetero,  Yuri,  Domination,  Submission,  Multiple Pairings (MMF),  LesDom,  Voyeurism,  Prostitution,  Bimbofication,  And More!

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsHizor, TinyHat Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Adult, Dating Sim, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Life Simulation, Ren'Py, Romance, Yuri
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

For Windows: Download the .zip file, then extract it. 

For Android: Download the .Apk file, Open the file in your androids files, Install. You can also download this using your computer then transferring the file to your android later using it's USB charger, if it's capable of transferring data.

For MAC: Download and Extract .zip


Uni 0.41.100 - Windows & Linux (MEGA)
Uni 0.41.100 - Windows & Linux (Google Drive)
Uni 0.41.100 - Android (MEGA)
Uni 0.41.100 - Android (Google Drive)
Uni 0.41.100 - MAC (MEGA)
Uni 0.41.100 - MAC (Google Drive)

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Why does the game let you turn off unwanted content like foot fetish dream sequences but not stuff like unavoidable sexual assault scenes or brutal rape scenes?

The games page and menus did not make it clear this kind of content was in the game, so I really would have liked a heads up and option to turn it off. It makes me too nervous to play more of the game knowing a rapist could attack my character at any moment.

I'm trying to recall any unavoidable non-con scenes, and drawing a blank. In my experience playing this game, every non-con, assault, rape, etc scene was always something you could get out of. The dream sequences have absolutely no effect on the rest of the game, so if you don't like the content in them, it's pretty easy to just.......hit ctrl and skip them.


When you first arrive to school and sit down you get assaulted by Matt, its one of the first things to happen in the game and I couldnt see any way to avoid it.

I thought by slapping him I was firmly telling the game "No I don't want this content" but then Matt and his friend show up again later to try to rape my character. So if that kind of stuff is going to keep happening without me being able to disable it then I can't continue.

Yeah, the keyword there is try. Every attempt made, you can put a stop to. If I recall, stopping it at both points is how you tell the game not to give you more.


The initial sexual assault from Matt isn't him just "trying" to assault you, he literally just does it with no way to avoid it, you canonly stop it part way through, but it still happens to you. I just think if your game contains an unavoidable sexual assault scene like that you need to make it clear on your games page.

Dude, it's a single boob grope, and your character can almost immediately stop it by decking him across the face. If you weren't expecting any potential non-con stuff on a game that literally presents itself as having Corruption, Prostitution, and Bimbofication, then that's a you problem, and you should probably start wearing a helmet from now on.

Hihi, I tried looking through the comments and didn't see it answered, so I'd like to ask: will Matt ever develop romantic feelings for the MC (not in the sense that he completely changes his personality/behavior because of that), or is his route strictly sexual/blackmail? And if he does develop feelings will it be possible to date him later on?

The Matt route is purely sexual and doesn't develop into any standard romance.

Gotcha, ty for answering

When is V0.42 available on public?

0.42 will no be available to the public. The public version is updated every 6 month months.
This does not mean in 6 months you'll get 0.42, but rather 0.44 when 0.45 is released to the Patrons.

We work on a 2-month development cycle for updates (Used to be a new update every month, but crunch was getting a bit too much for our team.) so every 2 months there is a new update to Uni with every 6 months updating the public build.

Eventually, once all of "Act 1" is finished i.e all conflict events, and all route lock and side events are cleaned up, the public updates will stop altogether as that will be a stable enough build with enough content for a good public demo.

Hello, Can someone Can tell me if Is it normal that there is no sound on the Android version?

There really is no audio, it's frustrating, I feel like it's a bug ?

There are no sfxs in the game.

Question, how do i progress past just the festival with damien?

The 0.41.100 update is very nice.

I got a good laugh at the show down at the cafe with Harper at the (current) end of the Kate romance path.

On the cheerleader path, the swimwear store outing was mostly very fun. Didn't expect Tracy to be as much of a bully as she turned out to be. I did think of  a great retort to Tracy's comment about one piece swimsuits being for children - "What about the girls on the swim team? Or the life guard girls?"

Previously, I hadn't done the Damian path with the cheerleading path. Was very sweet for Damian to help Chelsea practice - even though he did miss catching her.

Speaking of Damian's visits to Chelsea's clubs, he visited track club before he asked her which club she was in.

And speaking of track club, the (half) track meet was good. I did notice that the story said Saturday, though game day was a Sunday (Day 63) when I played it.

My favorite scene, so far, is the curtained booth in the super fancy restaurant with Violet - very romantic and deliciously steamy/naughty.

So far, my favorite path is the subby Violet one. Which surprised me because I am not good at being either dom or sub.

How does this corruption system work? Ive only gotten it up to a 3

You pretty much just need to choose the more depraved, sexual, and morally questionable actions. Wandering the city, I've found, is a pretty good way to get events that boost your corruption. As are decisions you make at work, at the Bakery it's a good idea to be extremely submissive towards Keith belittling you to get your corruption up, and at the Cafe doing the sexual favors for bigger tips gets it up pretty well, in my experience.

If you are going the Kate romance path, don't encourage her to open buttons on her shirt (but is ok if you do it). Not sure what other corrupt actions at the cafe you can get away with - certainly not any that involve Kate.

Caesarin explained it pretty well in his reply. Any choice that is more depraved or slutty will increase your corruption points.
If you get 100 and unlock the "Corrupted" achievement you'll get a new school uniform. (You can switch back to the old one in the wardrobe if you wish)


Really been enjoying this game so far, and I enjoy how much different content there is.

However, can we expect to see nsfw content with other side characters? Personally, I'd most be looking forwards to August or Alice, because tomboys are amazing.

There are plans to have sexual content with those characters down the line. It's just going to take a bit to get to them as we're focusing on the main character routes at the moment.
I am glad to hear that you're enjoying what is there so far though! Makes working on the game all the more worth it!

Quick question? Are the version number represent the amount of content being finished? So for example 0.41.100 means 41% of the game done (and 60% to go)

(1 edit)

That's a good way to look at it. Considering the completion is around that percentage.
But the version numbering for Uni works like this:
First Number: Completed Release
Second: Major Update (Heavy amount of new scenes, writing etc.)
Third: Minor Update (Bug fixes, sprite fixes, missing images, QoL, etc)

Version numbering really comes down the developer and there is really no set standard for it.

Anal sex?

Not at the moment. There will be some scenes in the future that have it as anal is usually something that is experimented with later on in a relationship or found out roughly if you're hopping around from person to person.


The new version did not update the older version, but rather simply installed a second copy of the game on our phone.

Additionally, the new version doesn't save and load from the same location as the old version.

The old version in question is 0.31.88b, and even has a nice "Uni is Loading…" splash screen instead of the same splash screen every other Ren'Py game uses, which the new version is also using. We like the 0.31.88b splash screen better.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The updates to Ren'py have messed up a lot in regards to the Android build. I wasn't even aware the splash screen was no longer showing up. We'll work to fix this. 

hey I love this game and enjoy it so much thank you hizor for such an awesome game 

I am a big fan of Damien his character his interests how nerdy he is I love everything about him he is so adorable and cute <3

just a thought that i had so spoilers  ahead 


After replaying the game while focusing on Damien I feel like there is a side of him that he is hiding like how he knows Chelsea's favourite flowers and the colours of her homecoming dress without her ever mentioning it and how her panties disappeared after they had sex maybe he is more kinky than he let on and hiding  it from her I am so intrigued but maybe I am just overthinking it and there is nothing XD

Anyway this game desrve all the love and support  you are making an awesome game <3

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Hi, Well done to everyone who worked on this game I really like it. I unlike a lot of commenters Love Matt so much.

....yeah he's a dick but i'm kinda into that.... I also Love Dommy Violet.

Are there any consequences for dating both. Also are there consequences for having sex with the cat callers.

I also wanted to know is there a way to get around the matt bad ending, getting the boob job and not getting expelled or do you have to not be involved with matt for that to happen

Sorry for all the questions I really like this game



Would it be possible in future updates to date more than one love interest, at least two becouse I found out consequence of dating Kate and Violet and I don't like it(it was heart twisting). I understand that some of them can't get along with each other but I think those two can do it, Kate could join and create polyamorouse relationship as dom or sub for mc or Violet, or just keep those two separate from each other. So would it be possible to do it?


I absolutely agree with this.

Sadly no.
The result a combination like that would result in making multiple new routes for each combination and we want to finish this game within the next few years.

What happens if I don't pay rent in the game? Is it instant game over? I always have a lot of money and don't know how to reduce it.

If you don't pay rent then you'll have an option to get out of paying for one month. After that you're evicted.

Hey love the game, just wanna ask will there more main LI and is there more Kate content planned for her innocent route?


Yes and Yes.
Though the other "main LI" maybe not be in the way you think.

And yes there is more content planned for Kate.

Does cheating lead to consequences? I really need an answer cuz I'm in love with 3 of the love interests!!


Haha if anyone's wondering, yes; Matt is the only love interest I dislike (hate)


Wha- he's the best though?


oh totally. a rapist is the best character!

Yes, there are consequences. You'll need to chose one eventually.


No male mc???

Will there be any public update soon?


Yes, on the 1st.

Thanks, and amazing game well done ❤

A few more remarks after playing some more...

Shopping with Lisa introduces 3 extra outfits, but you can only buy 1, if can even afford that, and afterwards they're gone forever. Would be nice if they're added to the outfit list in the mall after that scene, for later purchase.

While i realize this is a lot to ask for, it'd be really great for the game CGs to have variant for blonde hair MC -- it's pretty jarring to see the default hair in the scenes if you're on the bakery route and the images don't match with what your character is supposed to look like. As long as the source pictures have the character on her own layer(s) it shouldn't even take all that much work -- even without it, it took literally 5 minutes to recolor one of existing images with Color and Linear Dodge in the photoshop: (sample) With layers it shouldn't take more than minute or two per picture. Heck, if your artist(s) are too busy, i'd be willing to do it for you, just to see it done :v

Potential issue: some of the track club scenes use "trackperf" variable to determine their outcome. The problem here is, the value of the variable is largely determined by choices during the very first team practice, which doesn't make much sense long-term, and dooms the player to sub-par performance no matter what they do unless they go back literally months in-game to correct that. It'd make much more sense if the trackperf variable was (instead) at least partially determined by club attendance, which currently has zero effect/benefit -- having the variable increase each time the player attends club meeting could lead to more logical outcomes, with systematic effort providing better results.

Event errors (probably fixed by now so putting this last): 

* Violet's 2nd bakery conflict events don't fire because they're scheduled to happen earlier than consultation event controlling the flag which triggers them. Removing daycount check and using "event.happened("bakery_consultation")" fixes it and makes things more flexible

* A number of Violet's dom/sub text messages don't trigger because they require "violetdateflag" which is only set when there's a date pending. The "violetdateflag" check is unnecessary, checking state of "violetrelate" is sufficient.

The outfits that are shown during the mall scene are planned to show up in the regular mall to be bought later, however this has not been added in yet.

We've planned for a long time to add blonde variants to relevant CG scenes, however, this is planned to be done once we have more CG scenes finished in the game.

Track Performance will remain the same as it is now.

First error has already been fixed alongside multiple other event issues.
Second error has now been fixed. (Leftover code from an earlier version)

may I know what happened into this game? back then every month we had a new version for f2p.

As our team expanded and budget increased so did the development times needed to have a stable update released, and with changes Patreon made to how it handles payments and the changes we needed to make to handled that our release schedule changed accordingly.

So now the Patreon build is released every 2 months with a public build being updated every 6 months.

If I finish the bakery questline, can I switch to the cafe questline?

I tried to get fired from the bakery, but couldn't.

On the cafe path, after I got fired, could only get new job at the bar.


(10 edits)

Perhaps it's fixed in more recent build (playing 0.37.96) but there's pretty serious bug with the karaoke storyline -- after meeting Jun & crew ("confront them" option) the game advances through subsequent storyline steps each time the option to visit the karaoke place pops up, even if the player picks options which wouldn't allow for it, i.e. choosing "leave" on the initial "go in"/"leave", "leave" on the follow up "sing. $15"/"leave" or "go to room 7" on the "knock on door"/"go to room 7" set of choices.

This can lead to some absurd situations, like the MC suddenly acting as if she's already aware of Jun's profession when they never interacted further than initial meeting, references to scenes which the player never experienced (the bathroom incident) or suddenly getting notification they've reached the end of karaoke storyline when all they did was choose not to visit the place at all a few times to save money.

Perhaps after the "confront them" scene the game should make sure to only advance the karaoke plot counter when the player picks the "knock on door" option, and then on "go in" for subsequent semi-automated visits. Or simpler yet, do it only when the relevant scene was played, as part of that scene's code.

This has not been fixed. Though looking at the code it seems we knew about this at one point, went to fix it and then just stopped before fixing all the other karaoke events outside of the first two.
Thanks for bringing it back up.

(1 edit)

Played the game and reinstalled it, the cheat doesn't work even if I try pressing the cabinet in the living room of MC's house. Was it removed or do I have to trigger an event to unlock the cheats again?

Edit: Nvm I found it 

Go to the laptop and check the bottom right corner to turn on cheats then press 5 in the living room.

the game so far is great! but i think i am getting a bug i think? this has happened to me in rpg games of this style before too..

i just got into the nsfw scene with kate and the whole screen has just been blank. ive tried restarting many times to fix it and nothing

If the screen is black that means the scene hasn't been made yet.

ohh aww well thank you for letting me know

Hey :D sorry but what happens if i don't color my hair? Cause i fucking hate having blond hair but i love the red hair but i also want to continue the bakery storyline

The blonde change is because of Keith's manipulation so because of that you cannot continue down without changing your hair.

However, you will be able to change it eventually if you leave the Bakery route.

Nevermind i started a new game where i went maid cafe and i love it alot more

Is Levi a love interest?

No he is not. :(

I don't usually play oroge games, but I really love this one. I don't care about sex scenes, but Damien is cute and sweet, the artwork is beautiful, and whoever wrote the script is a very talented writer.

There aren't enough otome games on android that aren't f2p, so I was eager to download this, despite not being used to sex scenes in games, and I'm really glad that I did. 

Your team did a magnificent job with this project, and you should be very proud of yourselves.

Thank you!

really great game! i dont really like matt but im still trying to get all the CGs, and i cant seem to get the one with him and kate? i read the commets here saying that i have to get into non corrupted relationship with kate while be with matt, but kate just never show up again after asking to be girlfriends(i said yes), and by the end of the route even though i didnt romance violet she just randomly show up and blackmailed matt. 


great game. my only complaint is the lack of music

We'll get music eventually. Right now our budget is centered more towards writing and art right now.


I LOVE this game! I especially love Matt   (//ω//) and the story with him, even though many don't seem to like him. But I find the story really well written and I'm totally into it anyway haha Damien is also really cute and the events between the two are really cool. The story with Kate and Violet I also find good, but since I'm straight, I prefer to go with the two guys ;) 

However, I would really really like to see the bus scene with Matt and the MMF scene with Matt and Damien! But I just do not get the events triggered, I have already tried everything, even read the walkthrough. It would be really sweet if someone knows how exactly to get the scenes? Thanks for any answer °^°

(1 edit) (+3)

While what I've played (most of the game) is very well written, I did not go far on the Matt path. He's just too vile for me. I confess that, in RL, when I was 18 (I'm a college masters student, now), I probably would not have been able to resist the impulse to grab Matt's wrist and do a Karate throw on him (not that the game had the option to do so). In the game, slapping him was somewhat satisfying.

As a bisexual girl, I enjoyed the Kate and Damian paths a lot. They were very sweet. I also enjoyed the Violet paths a lot, the "subby Violet" more than the "dommy Violet" (despite not being dommy, myself).


Don't worry the ones that don't like Matt are a vocal minority. There's tons of player that like Matt, but that's the benefit of having choice.

For the Bus scene, you have to date Kate and be with Matt. When you go to the Zoo for a Date with Kate he'll show up on the bus.

With Damien you have to ignore Damien in the very first meeting where he's being bullied by Alex then go down the Matt route.


As one of the Matt enjoyers, I just want to say that he is my favorite. A lot of times, when playing as a female protag in h-games, the player either has yuri content or ugly bastard-type stuff. And while no shaming here, I'm not into either; having Matt as an option is really refreshing for me :)


(extremely long comment that I have separated into multiple replies to break it up a little, ignore if you aren't interested in a review/my personal thoughts on the game) 


This game is an incredibly unusual experience (/pos)

I (asexual spec) find it incredibly amusing to play these types of nsfw games as I obviously don’t get as,, distracted as other players. Meaning I can focus more on how well the plot is written instead of how sexually appealing the scenes are. 

This is one of the very rare occasions that I can safely say that a game genuinely went past my expectations. Most of it does heavily rely on sexual aspects, however that is completely expected for the type of game that it is, however honestly whatever sexual scenes I’ve encountered were well placed in the plot and didn’t seem shoved in there as much as other nsfw games. The characters are well written and interesting, and seeing the relationships slowly form over the course of the few hours I have been playing is a genuinely fun experience, leading me to care more deeply about what is happening with these characters and how their relationships are evolving. 



On the topic of relationships, I am pleasantly surprised with the way that romantic relationships are written in this. I myself have only done the Damien relationship so far (will update if I replay other ones) and can’t say much for if gay romance falls into any problematic tropes, however from what I can see the relationships are written at least mostly healthy, and whenever I can see the game begin to slip into any unhealthy tropes it seems to (at least to me) be aware of this itself and point that out. The same can be said with the MC’s trauma, both in her parents death and also events that happen in the story that I will not mention in detail here both for the sake of spoilers and also the fact that the events I’m mentioning will likely change depending on your personal playthrough of the game. *I also cannot say if (MILD SPOILER) the scene with the bullies in the ally was written well or not as I chose to run away, which is another point worth mentioning as I do appreciate that the game has an option to avoid that.



There are several darker topics brought up throughout the course of the story, and although I do wish that there was perhaps a skip button or CW for when those types of things happen, I genuinely am pleasantly surprised with the way the game handled it and the way it doesn’t normalize or sexualize these events. I also do understand that the game is not finished yet and these things may be added in the future, but even if they are not just the fact alone that these events are not used as a joke and are treated, at least for the most part, as the serious events that they are is a breath of fresh air for the type of game that this is. 

I haven’t quite finished the entire game yet; however, I felt the need to write this as I went into this expecting another game with little to no story, relying solely on the sexual scenes. What I got instead was a great game that has made me feel for the characters, and even as someone on the acespec not feel that uncomfortable in the more sexual scenes as they were well written 

Any plans for Violet and Damien sex scene? 

(1 edit)

Weirdly, this game leaked to my dreams. while the names and setting were different (my former highschool and friends, there), the scene started out like lunch with Violet in the cafeteria and Damian joining us (I'll call them Vicky and Dan). My friend Vicky moaned about my friend's nerdiness and I defended "he's sweet and knows how to respect girls" I then went on to say "I'm glad you're both here - I have something to confess - I like you both and I want you both." At first, their mouths dropped open, then Vicky said "But - but -" and Dan said "You mean like a love triangle?" I said "Yes", Vicky sputtered and Dan said "Yes" then turned to Vicky "I've admired you from a distance - I admire both of you - a lot" Vicky sputtered even more, then said "Y-yes - I accept."

Silly, yes, but could be a very interesting story path. (With both subby and dommy Violet variations)

Both of them together? No.


Matt is so vile and evil. He should be delivered straight to Lucifer's dungeon - right NOW!

BTW, I discovered by accident that Chelsea can show cleavage and still be on the romantic path with Kate. Just discourage Kate from showing cleavage and don't do anything else "slutty" (at least not in the cafe)

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