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let's see

How many tentacle scenes are there?
Like the Daimen dream scene I mentioned before, the tentacle dream scene I encounter also has anal in it.
I advise you go through all the dream scequences and make sure they have the correct tags… The reason they are there is so people can avoid the fetishes they don't like while dreaming, right?

Additionally, the continuity error I posted on May 10th [about Kenzie and Silone] is still present, though  that is a much smaller issue that needn't take priority.
Not sure if the Fake ID continuity error is still present, but like above, it's not as big of an issue as your implimentation of fetish dream controls.

Is this game doesn't have sound?

Not yet no. Usually most people play with something else playing in another tab or something. 

But once we have the funding we do plan on adding sound and music into the game. 


when it comes to the itch client, it says it is unable to download (on mac) but I was able to download it through chrome. I was wondering if in the future you could fix this for easier access?

That sounds more like a itch/browser issue rather than on our side of things. 

On Android, attempting to use the select all (Backspace wasn't backspacing, and neither tapping nor directional key input) when choosing the number of days in Free Mode, causes this menu to come up.

I haven't found a way to keep closed my phone keyboard to access the lower half of the menu. Any attempts cause the phone keyboard to immediately pop up again.

There doesn't seem to be a way to close the menu from the top half, either.

You say this happens with free mode? I'll take a look at it and do some android magic to it. 

Ah, thank you.

And yes, free mode. It may happen on any screen that takes text input, but I am mildly busy, so I haven't had time to test if it happens anywhere else, and finding it here was accidental.

Why was my crash report deleted?

It was noted and fixed in the latest patch. We don't want crash reports cluttering the comments section. 
No ill-will to you. 

I see.

I thought since it was deleted, and I hadn't heard it was fixed, someone may have thought it was a fake report.

Okay, so I ran into the crash again, which means the fix is likely in the backer release (version 0.22.78).
I don't have money to spend right now… I got money for my birthday recently, which was to buy a capture card, which I bought (and can't use, due to software and hardware complications).

I may not get money for a few months…
But it would be nice to have an optional minimum price on itch, where you can get the backer version, and all future backer updates if paid for the game, or choose "no thanks, just take me to the downloads" to get the public versions. 

I know itch supports that type of thing; and if people think they'll like the game (or have played the public release) they can pay more than the minimum to give you more support; though at that point they might as well support you on Patreon for other possible bonuses, if they want those.

Just something to consider?

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Great game. Nice art, fun characters, good pacing, and a feeling that I'm actually choosing my own path. I've finished my first play through (I think, we'll come back to that later) and I'll definitely do another.

My main issue right now is not knowing where to find content. I've reached the end of most paths, but I only think that's the case because I've spent a couple of weeks not getting any new events. I got the cheerleading scene with Damien, and I don't think I got the end of path message, but I haven't seen any more of him, which is strange cos I haven't got a single ero CG with him yet.

That's my main problem atm. It'd be nice to see what stuff there is left to do, and where paths diverge. For example, I went to the bar with Kate and the story seems to have ended there, but I still have no CGs under her heading in the gallery. In a replay, what would I have to do to go down her route, if there is one? It'd also be nice to know how much each given path extends in the full release as of now.

To extend on that, which characters have their own routes? I haven't had any development with the cheerleading girls, but they seem important enough to have their own art.

yeah i felt that too, when you can't do anything except going to school-work-walk around-sleep-repeat without getting any events. But let's appreciate and support dev's work in this game, they're making a good game. And i still think a decent Walkthrough could actually help a lot though.


Damien, Kate, Violet, Matt, are the characters who have their own specific routes. 

The Clubs, and Jobs each are their own route keeping the route separate from the characters with the only exception being Kate with the Cafe job. 

I really like this game, it has a very good potential. but i really hope that you or someone else can make a walkthrough or a guide to help players decide something easier knowing what they actually doing. Keep up the good work man

Thank you so much for all the public updates.I hope I can support on patreon one day.

Thank you for your support, even if it is just a post. 
We aren't going anywhere so we'll be there waiting for you. ^^

What do grades do exactly and will there be a school scene if your grades get too low?

The have a few dialogue changes, based on your grades in the Bakery, but it is the foundation for future content. 

I just download the latest version of this game..and when it's downloaded and imma installed it.. it's say version 0.12.57..why? do i make a mistake? 

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That is very strange. Might just be a version number displaying wrong.

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This game is great. I love the art style, the story and how my choices actually have an Impact on the story. (Others don't actually have that, I'm looking at YOU Telltale) 

I was wondering if I broke the game or something, because I went the Damien way, accepted being his girlfriend, then he stayed over night at my place and left in the morning. Since then, about 10 days passed and I don't hear anything from him at all. Did I break the game? Do I have to wait longer or do I have to trigger something, I would be happy if someone helped me out there because I only have this one save file, and if I broke it I would have to replay the whole game. 

Btw, did you think about adding a possibility to access your MCs phone and invite people to dates yourself? I feel like it would be a great addition to the gameplay : ) 

Edit: I noticed that some of the erotic scenes are black screens, will they be added soon or are they supposed to be censored? 

Glad to hear that you've been enjoying Uni thus far!

The game does have a few problems at the moment, all of which are being looked at and resolved. 

We're definitely looking at getting the phone reworked, however its been... difficult to get it working the way we want. 

As for some of the scenes, if they fade to black that means it does not currently have a CG Scene made for it. Unless it's a dream sequence which will not be getting CG Scenes. 

So I just started playing this game on android. It's a really good game. But I wanted to ask, how can I raise my grades?

I think currently the best you can do is your homework.

Another error in the game.

In this playthrough, I refused to share my homework with them in the previous encounter, yet they act like I agreed…

Apparently, according to other posts here, this isn't the only scene that ignores your actual choices and forces you down a path of its own choosing.

Thank you for reporting this! 

We'll look at this and work on fixing the lines to make more sense based on your choices. If you'd like consider joining the discord to talk further about any other problems you've come across.

I'll see if there's a discord server I'm okay leaving…

I'm in the limit already…

I don't even see a link to the discord on the game page… just a link to the Tiny Hat Studios page and the patreon page.

Another error, though not as problematic as the last one. There should be an additional check in this scene;

In this playthrough I have seen a fake ID at least seven times. There is a recurring scene when you and Kate work at the bar. A guy comes in with a fake ID, and I usually choose not to let it slide.

I am reporting an issue with the triple Daimen dream sequence…

I've had Anal turned off from the very beginning, and yet… This happens…

This isn't even the first anal part of the sequence… Could you please fix this in the next Demo update in six months, please…?

I'd prefer it be fixed sooner, but I imagine that the current situation doesn't allow for such a luxury.

Stay safe, and stay awesome.

Thanks for pointing this out. It turns out that setting wasn't attached to that scene and has been fixed for the upcoming 0.22 version.

Thank you very much~.

I wouldn't mind seeing an alternate version without anal, though, if that's something you're willing to add. (Not replace the original entirely, though.)


Hi, found a game-breaking bug.

When going down the Damien path, Matt allegedly had a picture of MC even though I never gave Matt any opportunity to have such a picture (didn't go to men's bathroom, went around smelling like milk). Then, when I refused to meet him (he had nothing on me, so nothing should have happened) (also, there was no way for him to have my number, so no clue what happened there), the bad end where he releases an image happened, despite him not having an image. I had about 27 corruption at the time.

Thank you for reporting this. We'll take a look at this and see what we can do with fixing this. 


The same thing happened to me when I got my hair dyed. I had completely avoided him yet had him react as if he was my dom. 

Yeah I'm having this issue as well. I hope it'll be fixed soon because it was quite jarring and sudden.

So I've been playing this game on almost all releases I'm so happy to see how Uni will turn out because it's very enjoyable even if you don't want to get the erotic scenes, so thanks hizor.

Is there a specific reason I'm not being allowed to go to dinner with Violet?? Her head thingy is on the map but no matter how many times I click on it to start the event, nothing happens

la playa podría ser un buen lugar para organizar un evento

Whats an old device for android? Is there a list cause i dont know whether to install the old or new devices apk

I personally use the oldest for testing and I haven't had any problems. 

Roger that!

Pardon me, is this game has like 'moan' voice and 'Moving' Animation when sex scene?

No, not voices and animations are very expensive. Perhaps in our next game.

Besides the Matt route what other Bad Ends are currently in the game?

Just failing to pay rent. 


Just downloaded the game yesterday and its really good!! Just wanna say the keep up and great work and maybe do some CG animations!! Just suggesting :3


Animations are very expensive. Perhaps in our next game.

I've been following this game development for a year now, I skipped several versions but I finally able play it again. But in 0.19 I can't get that Kate Event (the one that outside the cafe),is that a bug or I'm missing something ? 

I remember that not long after Kate introduction, I can meet Kate in a walk around 'random encounters'. I've reached day 70 on free mode but still can't get it. Anyway thank you for making this Game.

You'll have to not go down the corruption path with the Cafe. Then you'll be able to run into her in a walk around event.

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Thanks for the Reply, but I have zero Corruption (I choose scream, like always) ,it still zero when I first introduced to kate and it still zero when I hit day 21. but I'll try again.

EDIT : i've played it Again till day 50, no Corrupt path and 0 Corruption from start to end. I did get the groped by Kate CG and her text messenges. but I never encounter her in walk around event. This is my 4th attempt. maybe I'll try again in upcoming version.

Kate is the best Gurl btw.

Violet ftw

I have a question about the bakery route. It should bring me to the point where I can dye my hair and get breast implants, but I can't seem to get to that point. I never get past the meeting that we can eavesdrop on, because the game then tells me it's finished. Am I making the wrong choices, or is there a bug? If it's not a bug, than how can I trigger it? I've only gotten there once and that was before the recent update. I'd like to get to that point again, but no right amount of choices seem to lead me there.

Bakery is a little buggy in 0.19 mainly due to the mall date with Lisa. This has been fixed in 0.20

Its not letting me download the game for android

I've enjoyed this so far. However, it would be nice if the protagonist is less of a klutz. Could you perhaps consider implementing a random event so that, for example, the protagonist doesn't always cause a mess at the farmer's market when she visits?

At the Market it isn't her fault. The collapse is staged so that they can try and scam money out of you.


Kate is so cute :)

She's a cinnamon. 

It's really a good game, the graphic and interface is really great!

but, i got an error when trying to accessing matt 2nd gallery images. why is it?


The gallery has a few problems with it that we've went back an addressed recently. It's been fixed in our upcoming 0.20 release. ^-^

Thanks for the information. Really waiting for the next update. ^□^

loving the game so far! 

I do have a question though; every Sunday at dusk I see a Damien icon show up, however it won't let me click on it. Is this a bug?


Yes it is, the date icons were poorly optimized when we added them in, however, we've cleaned them up quite a bit with our upcoming 0.20 release.

hey, i remember a certain event in the bakery involving the MC and Keith Boss that happens after you can peep on his meeting with Lisa. i'm wondering that got removed cause i can't trigger it.

Great game so far btw, Sub Violet route is pretty funny personally.

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Ah yes, that was a scene from early on in development. It was "cut" since it messed with the pacing of the route. The scene is still in the code, just can't be triggered. 

(1 edit)

Is there any way to pay for the game outside Patreon, whether for a fixed price or monthly subscription? Direct sale via Itch, PayPal, SubscribeStar?

I stopped using the platform a while ago because I'm not comfortable with the way it feels entitled to dictate what creators can do (even outside Patreon), and while I love your game, I would prefer to support you in some other way.

Glad to hear that you'd like to support our development! Right now we're currently only on Patreon, however, in the future we will have a SubscribeStar for the same reason you're not comfortable with them. 

Played Kate and (sub) Violet routes and liked them both.I'm going to follow to see the continuation of them.
Will there be any other yuri routes?

Right now, Kate and Violet are the only Yuri routes. It's possible we might have more in the future. 

Ummm is some of the visuals not there? cuz like the car washing scene  and the car scene ain't showing


0.18 does not have the scene for the car wash.

Deleted 136 days ago

There is no music or sound effects right now. Though we do want to make an OST for the game later on. 
If it just a black screen then that usually means that the CG for the scene hasn't been made yet. 

Got it, thanks!

Tried to install the newer device apk failed but i try to install the older device apk ver and it works. wtf my phone is not even a year old

They work with different versions of the Android OS. What versions exactly, I'm unsure.

I hope the bimbofication path gets expanded it's so hot!

At least you'll be able to see the changes to her sprite in 0.20!

Any expansion on the bakery story in that update?

Not in 0.20. 

The Bakery stops at what we call it's Route Lock. Past this point the game becomes centered around that particular story and it's content becoming more linear focused towards the contents of that route. We want to get our other main routes to their "Route Locks" before returning to the bakery. This way the load will be a lot easier on us moving from that point forward.

Okay that makes sense, thank you for taking the time to answer

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