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The new art style for the Matt in Mr.Harvey's room blackmail scene is really jarring. It looks quite different from most of the art in the rest of the game and is a downgrade from the old art imo. Then partway through it switches to a different artist that seems more in line with the rest of the game.

It would be nice if we could enable/keep the old art rather than this new one that makes the mc look like a different person.

Still on my first run of the New Year update.

Violet to the rescue! Wow! And even after getting ignored by her for over a month of game time.* I really like Badass Violet. On Damien route, now, but going to do Violet, next.

Unfortunately, in the Damien route, dinner after the aquarium visit still gets skipped if MC has sex with him in the restroom.

I was glad it's now possible to avoid the shark exhibit so the MC doesn't have to torture Damien

* I turned down her invitations and eventually there were no more encounters with Violet - until the rescue scene in the restroom with bully-girl Kensie and her minions

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Is there a continue of this game when you finish the mission

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The game is just amazing. The number of plot twists is astonishing. 

I would especially like to know if there will be a further development of the Kate storyline? I really liked the character and the events associated with her. It would be great to see at least a third more activity with Kate.

•Separately, I would like to propose to introduce into the game the ability to re-launch some events associated with the heroes of the game (it would be possible to make this function activated in the settings). This would give the game more volume.


Game is still in development and none of the main routes have been completed yet. Yes, Kate's story will continue.

Hi, this has been bugging me for a while but would you please consider adding an app thumbnail for .apk version of the game rather than just leave it to the default RenPy ones for next release? Thx :)


Uni does have an app thumbnail, but for some reason refuses to use it.
I'll take a look at it for the next release.


hey I love your game! Is there a difference between this version and the one on Patreon? If so, what is that?


Right now the only difference is this:

Uni 0.45.105:
-Added 6 New Damien Events
-Added Damien Route Lock.(Still needs sprites added)
-Daylimit increased to 90 days.
-Fixed Matt showing up at the parent teacher conference event if already dealt with.
-Added New Ending images for routes completed.


How can I help in the Spanish translation of the game? I want to know which files should I modify?


Everything in the FullstartASE folder.


How would it be in the case of android?

Extracting an .apk on your phone then editing the files on your phone does not sound very efficient.
First you'd need to find a way to extract the .apk, which I'm unaware of any programs that can do so.

Is editing the PC version enough for the Android version to also have the Spanish language? or do you have to edit both types?

Hey I have the file of the game on my phone but everytime I start to install it, it says that the game wasn't installed. I'm on android, do you guys know what I can do to change that ?


There can be not enough space on your phone


Is there a way to get all three outfits from when you fashion shopping with your co-worker when working in the bakery?


sadly no, to my knowledge

So, you know the little note icon in the top left that tells you if you have homework?
An android, there's no easy way, at least that we've found, to mouse over it; which is fine for what it does right now, since it gets a little notification mark when you do have homework.
However, the money and day:time tabs on the right side suffer from this, as there's no easy way to pop them open and keep them open for reading on mobile.

We had an idea of combining the homework icon and the day:time button into a single button that uses the calendar icon, that serves the following functions:
• Shows the past month(optional), current month, and next month (month names optional)
• Show's the current stage of the current day via a horizontal line on the current day (at the top is morning, the upper half is "midday", the lower half is evening, and the bottom is night.
• Shows what day homework is due (if you get homework on Friday, it'd be due Monday
• Shows the days you've promised to spend time with people, and puts an icon (perhaps the character's head?) at the top, upper half, lower half, or bottom depending on when you need to meet them.
• An icon in one of the corners of a day to let you know what day you need to buy cat food (when you have a cat).
• An icon in a different corner of the days when the rent is due, that also tells you how much you'll owe.

That is all quite a bit of additional graphics and work, so even if you are going to add it, we don't expect it any time soon. We just have terrible memory and often forget when we've promised to meet someone, and with no way to check, we are prone to set up to meet multiple NPCs at the same time.

We also had an idea to include how much money you have with the rest of your stats, instead of having it all by itself.

Having them as tabs that slide onto the screen is a good idea; but it would help if you tap\click the tabs to have them slide open, which pauses dialogue progression (so tapping doesn't progress the dialogue and auto stops progressing text as well) until you tap the tab at the side of the extended… page? to slide it back offscreen until only the tab shows again.
Which, again, we don't expect to be added anytime soon if you decide to add it, due to the amount of extra work we imagine to be involved with implementing such features.


The android version is a port of the PC version right now so there are going to be some issues when it comes to mouse-related functions.
When we get to closer to 1.0 and start further polishing the game up we'll definitely consider your suggestions on this.




Игра очень понравилась, жаль на русский не получается перевести, транслятор ошибку выдаёт..

Английский учи

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Играл в свежую версию 0.45?

This is difficult to download on Android because you can only download it on MEGA now, which is a pain to use, instead of being able to download it straight from  directly onto the android.

The file upload size limit to Itch is 1GB per file. Uni is 1.3GB.
I've contacted about a file limit increase, but they haven't gotten back to me.

i bought the game a while back and now i half to buy it again why?


Either click "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" at the top or "I already paid for this…" at the bottom


You don't have to pay for the game.

Is there a way to translate the subtitles into Korean?

Other than an official translation, I'd assume machine translation?

When I sleep, I can see the text, but the screen is black. Is this normal? I turned on all the dream settings

If I remember correctly, this is typical for scenes that haven't had their CGs added yet.

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thank you However, I couldn't open all the CGs and ended with the message "Current build complete, congratulations". What should I do? The last CG I saw was bringing Violet to my house.

If you mean all the CGs for Violet try going down her other path. Sub or Dom.

I have no idea how to get the CG scenes with Kate

As in any of them?

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I only get the scene at the bar/cafe and the scene where she is sick

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Assuming you're having troubles getting to her route. For most make sure whilst on the café job you don't take any advances from the costumers nor make her take any, that way it should trigger her route, since the only stopping flag to my knowledge is being corrupted thru the café to bar route.

There are some that are from the bar tho, so you have to make sure she follows you to the bar job.

playing the newest version... advised me to start anew to avoid errors......

Is it always gonna be like this?


There are always going to be major changes between versions that are likely going to cause errors with older save files.
You can still play with an older save if you want, but if you encounter an error, then the old save is more than likely the cause of it.

MC's pubic hair on her standing sprite seems to be absent in most CGs. Not quite sure if this is intentional or not. That said, any plans to add options for her to be clean-shaven or au naturel in the future?

does anyone know how to get the 9th and 12th cg for matt? ty :)))))

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(spoilers, ofc)

9th is on the bar route, so going with the café whilst in his route then being corrupted, going to the bar and it should trigger as an option to call when mc is horny. 12th is whilst going for a date with Kate, but to date her you cant be corrupted or corrupt her.



Does matt become a better person later on? I want to explore his route but he is literally insufferable


I feel the same way. He's a straight-up criminal and rapist, you can eventually discover that he runs a sex slave operation (which, in itself, is kind of unbelievable, given everyone's supposed to be late teens/early twenties). In general I'd just like to see him get rewritten as someone who does *healthy* BDSM instead of just like...constant rape.  It sucks that his best scenes are in the dream sequences, y'know? 


Jeez, thats even worse than I thought. Seems like his only purpose is just to be a villain, I can't imagine anyone actually liking his character. Just glad you can basically ignore him


que dia sai a próxima atualização? sou brasileiro e amo seu jogo/What day will the next game update release?

What is the completion degree of this game now? Does the author plan to expand to the STEAM platform and feel it can sell well


Steam is tricky and can be hit or miss since they have issues with erotic games that have school uniforms in them. However, there are plenty examples of games on the platform that violate this rule.

Completion of Uni is about 50% now, and once we get closer to a completed version of the game we'll attempt to see if we can release it on Steam, but there's a good chance we'll be denied. Doesn't hurt to try at least.

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This is very shocking. I have followed the game for two years, but I didn't expect to be able to launch STEAM one day. But I also asked about the completion last year, and the reply is still 50%? Why on earth is this:))))))))

I've one question. Does anyone have a problem with dream content? I do not have any of scenes when main char is dreaming.
How can i solve this one?

I'm pretty sure there are no actual scenes yet only the text it's probably due to the fact you can customize the dream experience and there is a pretty big amount of different dreams you can have and it'd take a long time to make the art for all of them


Dreams don't have CGs.

The reason is because the Dreams were originally rewards given to Council Tier Patrons. They give us a prompt of a scene they would like to see and our lead writer at the time would write up the prompt free of charge to us.
After she was unable to continue writing that tier reward went with her. We did not continue it was it would cost time and money for these scenes.
However, I have said if anyone wants to make or commission an artist to draw the dream scene then I'll add it into the game as long as the artist adds his credits into the image.


Update renpy 8 pleasee


We are on Ren'py 8, though it hasn't been updated to the most recent version. We don't update it when we're close to an update for Uni since a Ren'py Update can potentially break a lot in the game.


😔 renpy 7 not stable on android 11


Should be fixed with the upcoming public release update.


will there ever be customization for different skin colors, or hair colors?


There will not be.


first of all,  does anyone knows if there is some scene with these guys: the one with pink hair from the bakery, the teacher, the coach or the director of the school? now about the game, I enjoyed this game a lot, I wish it was possible to have a poly route with Matt and Damien, they are just the best of both world, one being all sweet and the other horny lol but overall this game it's amazing, it's one of the few games where I played different routes just to see the difference and its really well done.


Pinkie, Teach, Coach and Principal don't have romantic routes as far as I know, also what the fuck do you mean horny, he is just a blackmailing lil' bastard that would very probably be anally raped in the prison showers whenever he tries to grab soap. (I dislike matt, mostly due to his name, who the fuck names their child "matt"" and thinks it's a good name.)


Not to be rude, I just do not like matt.


Don't worry there are plenty other that don't like Matt.


There are plans way later on for content with the Teacher and Coaches.


horny is definitely one way of describing matt lmao


I was trying to be nice about it hahhah

Note to self: Do not name yourself a common name because conversations get very confusing if for example you name  the character Samantha and meet Samantha

That does present an idea to warn the character if a major character in the game is already named the same.


Would be really cool tho if there will be special dialogues if a character has the same name as you

best game I had for months after play nearly all the stuff from f95, u the king man, love the matt route

More to come!

dev you finally did it you finally made me love a yuri game. all other yuri games with fem protag was too cringe or too boring . i prefer yuri bdsm genre games without blackmail old men stuff and this was the best game ever period which had all the elements i wanted. when is the next public release ? if its very late then i will head over to patreon to support you


Next public update is on New Years. 0.44
Though on Patreon it'll be 0.45.

Thank you for the praise! I hope that we'll continue to live up to the expectations you have.


keep up the good work dev but can't wait for the violet dom lock route i lover her a lot

Honestly, this is definitely my favorite porn game ever made, and one of only 3 that I ever played multiple times to get different routes not to mention the ability to actually make your character be however you want her to be is just amazing and revolutionary. I cannot wait for new years now haha

So, what are the other two?


Make so we can download through itch

how do you use cheats

Use the laptop in MC`s room, you can activate the cheats in the right corner, after that you have to click 5 in the living room.


when the next update


January 1st

Will the next public release fix the gallery bug?

Gallery bug has been fixed in the updates after this one.

Yes it will be fixed.


Hey there

I've been trying to continue with my karaoke story, but no matter what i do it won't go past the scene where you confront Jun and the boys. is there anything that I can do to remedy this or is it a bug? really hoping to get the scene where they beat up Matt.

Thanks so much


Stop using unsupported download sites.

Here are Itchio's compatibility guides:

Please use a supported method, so updates can be downloaded directly through the app.


I played through all the kate and violet routes and some of the damien routes. Probably the best hentai game I've ever played. I'd support on Patreon if I could. I wish there was more wholesome stuff. Amazing game though.

Thank you! More to come!

Can i have two lovers?,I'm trying to date kate and violet but i have to choose one

You can, but you will have to choose one eventually.

Hi! I downloaded this game long ago, I got the 0.31.88 version. Is the latest version save compatible?

Usually they are not. You can still use an old save, but chances are you're going to get errors.

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