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Tried to install the newer device apk failed but i try to install the older device apk ver and it works. wtf my phone is not even a year old

They work with different versions of the Android OS. What versions exactly, I'm unsure.

I hope the bimbofication path gets expanded it's so hot!

At least you'll be able to see the changes to her sprite in 0.20!

Any expansion on the bakery story in that update?

Not in 0.20. 

The Bakery stops at what we call it's Route Lock. Past this point the game becomes centered around that particular story and it's content becoming more linear focused towards the contents of that route. We want to get our other main routes to their "Route Locks" before returning to the bakery. This way the load will be a lot easier on us moving from that point forward.

Okay that makes sense, thank you for taking the time to answer

Played the game on Android for two days so far (like 60 in game days or so in total) and must admit I like it. It's a cool game overall. I really like the characters, art style is really pretty, story is cool so far (I still wasn't able to get the entire thing, to me it's more like one of those non linear games looped daily, rather than just a VN with many routes). 

My fav Char so far was Violet, I didn't finish her route due to not being into any weird fetish (still like the fetishes part, I just don't play them, but like to see them I guess). I wanted a more "friendly approach" but seems like I've just failed lol

I'd also love to see the main char act in a more assertive way, but guess that's how the char is. Would also like more typical sim aspects (more stats, more jobs, more ways to do everything, more management, etc..) 

It's a honest 7/10 game to me, and I'm sure it'll get better later, so I'm just judging in advance to what I've already seen hah

If you ever plan implementing localization to support other languages, I'd love to be in charge of the Latin American Spanish one (I'm an indie free translator from Argentina). Would be cool to find some project to work on, so feel free to pm me, via Discord or just mail in case you ever get interested.

Will be redownloading the game again some versions later, to avoid running out of content easily, and so I can compare it again, nicely done people! 

We do plan on localizing the game once it's finished. I'll keep you in mind for when that time comes. 

As for the Sim aspect, we originally wanted the game to be more of a Sim with the H elements sprinkled in for those that wanted it to see it. Hopefully in the later stages we can look back on the game and think of new ways to make the game better in the Sim content.

An amazing game overall :D

However, as much as I'd like to give this game an infinite amount of praise, there are plenty of things that annoyed me, personally.

Mostly in the random events. Almost every single time I clicked "walk around" I either got the Produce Market thing (which everytime I actually went into it, it just led to 2 choices to lose $150 :/ ), the Karaoke Bar (which doesn't interest me personally), or I would get annoyingly provocative men trying to convince me to something I'd never do in real life much less in a game.

With all of these being random encounter based complaints - it would be nice if the player actually has some kind of control over the type that pop up. For example, after choosing "walk around", the player could then choose something like "club street" (for club-based encounters), "dark streets" (for prostitution-based encounters), or other similar things as these so the player isn't forced to deal with things they don't want to deal with in the first place.

Further, it would also be nice to have lesbian based encounters. It's extremely annoying to me that the only lesbian based things I've found were through Violet and Kate, but their content eventually runs out, with it being story based.

I also noticed something strange on a recent playthrough. I was doing Violet's Sub route and finished all of it, then started doing the Bakery's stuff (big mistake on my part as it just creeped me out more than anything), but when it got to the point of doing the plastic surgery, which I denied, apparently it switched to Violet Domme route, where she bursted into the Bakery being angry, and the next school day was even playing out with her expecting me to get her food and all. Don't know if this change was intentional (her anger flipping her from Sub to Domme) or just a bug with how the code works.

Overall, great game that is worthy of an infinite amount of support, but with a few annoyances.

Thank you for the feedback it's very helpful. 

Yes, that part with Violet is very strange and we'll look into it to see if we can replicate it and have it fixed for 0.20. 

Even when working on the game it is definitely awesome to work on, but at the same time makes you want to pull your hair out. 
Thanks for playing  our game!

You're welcome! It's one of the better Ren'Py (or just visual novel in general) games I've played. Probably even in my top 5 favorites of any game types just because I enjoy Violet's part of the story. With only being beaten 100% by Skyrim and Fable 2. Other than those, this is better than most full AAA games just due to this not lying or scamming players. Instead just annoying players who aren't interested in certain aspects (Though that doesn't take away much from being an awesome game)  x.x


In my Opinion the best game of this gore pls keep the good work up ^^


Thank you. We will certain try our hardest to keep pushing forward!

just downloaded version 17 but the game still ends for me after day 87 do i have to start a new save completely to try the new content?

Most of the new content happens before the end day in the already existing routes. 

so it would be better to start a new save or try scrolling back through my existing saves?

Might be best to start a new save. 

Alright thanks love the game btw keep up the great work

I just played through, and i have a question.

Do you have to be a patron to get the dream sequences (ingame) or is it just a random event?

No. You just have to have what you want to see set to "On" in the Dream Setting in the Main Menu. 

Played through what I think is everything so far in the Android version, and outside of a few cosmetic errors (text being a little too long for the box, occational outfit changes in cutscenes [although those may just be filler images], and a lack of music) I REALLY enjoyed this! As soon as I have some extra money I'll be donating at least one or two months on Patreon. Only real thing I'd like is a way to save easier than finding something to pop up a text box, and for skipping to turn off when a conversation ends.


Android does act a bit weird, mainly this is because it's a port of the PC version and the screen sizes are vastly different. 

As for the outfit changes those are code slip-ups, that may or may not have been fixed in the latest version. 

its not too big of an issue, I just bring up the log to read what was cut off. I've really enjoyed every route so far save for Keith (bimbo has never been very interesting to me though). Is the skipping thing something just in the Android port?

I kinda feel stupid for having to ask. But every time I try to go on a date with Kate, Violet already has plans with me so I can't go on a date with Kate. Is there a romance map available?

PS: I know it's unlikely, but can you romance Violet and Kate like in one of the dream segments.

Violet does had a sub route, but I've yet to find a dom route for Kate and I think I've done all the paths so far


Kate does not have a Dom route. 

Deleted 2 years ago

This is probably because Kate's route isn't linearized yet and relies on RNG and event timings for her events. This will be fixed in 0.19


Hey, having issues installing to android . Got it downloaded but if try installing it simply says installation failed. Any ideas?

Odd... Have you tried both Old and Newer Devices install?

No, I'm just an idiot thanks for the help and also the great  game


Hi, I don't normally comment on these sorts of games (for obvious reasons) but I thought I would this time. (sorry for the long comment) I'm a lesbian, and while I liked some of the yuri routes in the game, I couldn't help but feel like the game still leaned more toward het scenes. (I'm writing this after my first play through of version 0.16.65) What I mean by this is that, while there are yuri routes, there isn't much yuri that appears outside those routes, and if there is I couldn't find it. For example, while there were plenty of opportunities for you to act "slutty" toward random men, I didn't get any chance to do that to women. It kinda left me waiting to get to anything sexual at all, and made it very hard to get my corruption up.  I think if you added more random events with women, it'd really help sell the game to me. Like, when those girls come by and ask if they can copy your homework, maybe after a few times add a scene where they offer something in return? I know the "please add this!" comments can be a pain sometimes, so I apologize, but I just thought I'd say something since it'd make a big difference to your lesbian players.

Thank you for your feedback and we'll definitely take it into consideration.
Even it doesn't have as much content that you're looking for I hope you enjoyed the experience nonetheless. 0.17 adds more content with Kate's romance so perhaps that will have more of what you're looking for? 

Still, we'll keep your feedback in mind. Thank you. 

Yeah, I just started version 0.17.

I'm picking the cafe job this time and I'm already happier with it. I got the bakery job on my first play through and it didn't really turn out the way I was hoping. Not in a bad way, I liked the plot, it just wasn't my thing.

One other thing I noticed this time around, was I missed out on a lot of the dream scenes because of the dream setting combination I picked. One dream I actually liked had two tags I switched on, but one I originally didn't, so I never got it on my first play through. I think it'd be helpful if you made it more clear that you should probably only turn off tags you REALLY don't like.

Overall, I'm still very happy with the game and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes next!

Hope to see you around more! The Cafe is always a fun choice. 

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I don`t see any CG for Dream sequences.. are they still in development ?

also I`m going to see if I can support you guys on Patreon for a few months.. keep up the great work :)

Thank you! It really does help. 

As for the dream sequences, those are scenes requested by our $20 patrons that is offered by our lead writer. Since they are custom scenes made by our lead writer our artists have no involvement in them. 

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How do I install the current version? Do I have to uninstall the previous version or is there a way to update the game without deleting the previous version. Please help. 

Thanks for the reply 

Delete the old version and replace it with the new. ^-^ 

Hi, is it save to upgrade from 15.64 to current version, to keep my save game?

and is it normal, that I don't get illustrated special scennes but only the "background with Mc on the right and an other person on the left site"?

Thanks for replying

Don't know why I'm not getting notified of the comments. I have heard that there are some save game issues between those versions, but your free to try your old save to see what happens. 

I'm just asking what is the difference of Newer Devices and Older Devices

And why i cant see the CG its just showing me black screen

I have a doubt, in the scenes where the protagonist has sex and nothing is seen but her reactions, is this done on purpose? Or is it some kind of mistake?

It could be a scene in which a CG hasn't been made for yet. Which scene are you mentioning? 

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Hi, I haven't gotten a chance to play the game yet, but I was wondering if you can go after any guys in the game or is it only girls? And if you plan on making the list of fetishes you wrote above applicable for guy routes as well? Thanks for reading :P

There are guys indeed. Matt, Keith, & Damien plus the various guys in a walk around event chain and Cafe Corruption route. 

cool! and would the fetishes like corruption and bimbofication be possible to apply to the guys too XD or is it only the MC

Only on the MC. 

Does this game have any animated sex scenes like hentai episodes or something?

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No, our budget is no-where near capable of affording animated scenes. Be awesome if we could though!

This is a great game, it's a lot of fun <3

I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying it!

Hi, I'm not a patron nor have I opened the game yet, but I am very grateful that you guys leave a free version for people like myself. Thank you very much, and I hope your hardwork will pay off.

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you for reporting this. We'll definitely looking into this.


should add more matt event i love when the mc is tortured ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) also it has 2 route right ? first one is when the 1st day school when mc gropped you choose slap and another one if you choose stay silent ... but when i choose slap .. it ended when the mc is met matt at city and it never show up again the story is look like end no more matt event :(

can you date Olivia?

If so how plz help


I downloaded it for my android but it wouldnt let me open it after i installed it, it just did the loading screen then closed itself.any ideas why?

This was a problem a while back when we first started porting Uni to Android. We're not sure what fixed it honestly...

okay thanks for telling me


hey hizor why don't you do a route with the school principal, if chelsea gets bad grades i talk to the principal and so reach an agreement if you know what i mean, i'm sorry but this is written with the google translator  ; )  asombroso juego 

Actually, we do have a similar route planned with Mr. Harley. The Principal is too much of a good guy for lewding his students. XD

night time is bug , before i can go outside at night 2 times , and now only 1 time .. also bug at city when mc event going to try to eat banana stand / apple .. and also some image cant load in some scene dialog .. it always blank screen in my pc 

i mean , in some dialog some image cannot showing off , it always blank example : when the mc is get invitation to go to principal room and get rape by matt at principal room . its only black screen no image only dialogue


We've fixed the night time bugs in version 0.13.60. 
We'll look into the others as they haven't been reported before.


Hey on the android version everytime i try to open the game it keeps crashing does anybody know how to fix this?


Someone managed to fix this problem by "Uninstall -> Reboot -> Reinstall (re-copying over the .apk too) gets it to work."


clear cache / memory in app setting

Hey I keep trying to download it to android via the mega link but it's not working what should I do

Help pls. Whenever I try to start with Damian on Saturday afternoon it just plays a normal "Walk around" event. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply.
For some reason Damien's events weren't triggering the way they were supposed to.  
This has been fixed in the upcoming 0.13.60 Update. 

Perverted lesbian comin' thru to show support by cheerleading! ✯⸜(*❛‿❛)⸝✯

Since it's the only thing I can do, keep up the good work.

Thank you! 

Emotional support is just as good! :D

Hey there! Wow, I'm so impressed with this game! I'm a girl but I'm a huge pervert, so I'm always looking for games like this. Thank you so much for making an Android version! I've only had it for a day but I've loved pretty much every second. The only "problems" I have are I don't seem to get any dreams besides the first tentacle one, and the problem with black screen/looping text after Violet's party, but I'm thrilled to see that you guys are updating public soon to fix that. Again thanks for making this game and for making another lewd pervert's dreams come true <3

I'm glad that you're enjoying the game. I always wonder about how many female players play Uni. 

If you're interested in supporting our development of the game, then consider supporting us on Patreon. 

Hello, i have encountered a bug on the Android version.

Every time i do the Event with Violet and i come from the party, and she get's out of the house, the screen black's out. 

this is on version 0.10.50.

This was a bug in 0.10 that took us a while to figure out the problem to. It's been fixed in version 0.11.

Apparently I can't install the game, 'cause it's hosted on another third-party website. Can you please fix it? (If you're still working on the game tho)


That is extremely odd. 
Try downloading it here, since gamejolt has it's own hosting.

Thanks. This link works quite well. Looking forward to playing!

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Im so exited for the 0.11 hope it becomes public soon.

And btw I think the patreon link is broken.

Thanks for mentioning this! 

0.11 will become public on July 1st. 

Hello, I can't even start the game on Android. The virtual keyboard is hiding the name prompt. I can't even continue past that screen. Whenever I try and lower the keyboard, it pops right back up. There's nothing I can do to move on to the next screen.

When you type in a name on Android, you cannot see it because of the keyboard. Once you've typed the name press enter on the keyboard and it should continue.

Hi, I did press enter many times but nothing happens.

That... is very strange. 

Are you using a custom keyboard? We've had an instance in the past where they were stuck at the naming screen, because of the custom keyboard app they had. 

In our upcoming version we're hoping to have this problem fixed entirely. 

I'm using a blackberry android which has a built in keyboard. Not sure if that helps.

Hrm. Not quite sure then. Our testing period is coming up for the new version. I'll bring it up to the team then. 

Found the root of the problem, android keyboards have two different keys for enter. One is a left pointing arrow and the other is a key that just says "Go" on it. When you go to type your name the keyboard automatically sets the enter key as "Go" which the game doesn't register as enter. 

I managed to bypass this tho with an app called Technical Keyboard, after you set it up you can hit a key in the bottom left labeled "Fn" that let's you use the left arrow version of enter and the game response to it.

Hope this helps any future users.

Hello! I found a game breaking bug and thought you'd like to know, after I finished texting Damian after the Space Warlords date the scene would loop his last reply after you put the phone down. No matter what I did it would loop the conversation so I had to load and ignore the text to get pass it. If you do not mind I also have a question, does this style of visual novel (If it classifies as that)have a specific name? I loved this game and want to play more like it.

Thank you for the report, but it has been addressed. 

I think the closest thing would be Date-Sim since Date-Sims have a lot of the functions we use. Hope this helps. ^-^

cannot install via the app. game downloads, but fails to install.

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