0.26 & Upcoming 0.25.80

Hello everyone,
I apologize for my extreme scarcity on Itch as I tend to focus and delegate all of the news related to Uni on our Patreon, but with our latest release of version 0.25.80 and now we begin work on 0.26.xx I wanted to come and give you all a heads up that the public version (The one that is currently on itch, will be getting updated to 0.25.80 at the beginning of the month in October on the first with the launch of 0.26.

A significant amount has changed since version 0.20 and when 0.25 drops to the public I'll include a changelog of all the changes leading up to 0.25. Though if you'd like to see the changes from 0.24 to 0.25 alone then you can do so  here on our What's New post.

Work on Uni has been steady and with each month we get closer and closer to finishing everything we have for the game, your love and support is what has kept us going and for that the Hizor Games Team sincerely thanks you.

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