Public Version Updated! Uni 0.30.87 & 0.31.88 for Backers

Hey guys! That time of year again where we bring the public version up to the $3 backer position!
Here are all the changes that have happened to the game since 0.25:
Full Changelog:

Uni 0.30.87
-Added extra dialog if you have the same name as Violet or Kate
-6 New Club events (2 Per Club)
-3 New Farmers Market Events
-3 New Stripclub Events
-Fixed Bar Sprite staying on screen
-Fixed Violet picking you up at the bar regardless of your choice
-Fixed Not being able to walk around after the Violet Spa event
-Added Bug Report button to the phone menu (Removed the previous button)
-Added Damien Selfie Image
-Added Violet House Background
-Added Violet Dom Dinner Date CG Scene
-Added Violet Dom After Dinner CG Scene
-Added Missing Levi Sprites
-Added Missing Lisa Sprites
-Fixes for the Stripclub events

Uni 0.29.86
-Gallery Fixed and overhauled
-Stripclub event trigger fixes
-New Blue Dress from Violet Submissive route
-School Restroom Background added
-New Kate Selfie CG
-Raised Text event chances
-New Sub Violet Dinner Date CG Scene
-New Violet Sub Bedroom CG Scene
-Dialog Changes to a few scenes such as the catcall events and other random events.
-Fixed a bug with Matt where the route would continue even if you went to the restroom and refused his advances.
-Fixed a bug where you would not receive your paycheck during the Kate Sleepover event.

Uni 0.28.85
-Phone System Overhaul.
-New Bakery CG Scene during the final scene.
-New Matt CG Scene during bus ride to meet Kate.
-New Kate & Chelsea Picnic CG Scene.
-New Violet Car CG Scene
-New Violet Dom CG Scene
-New Violet Sub CG Scene
-New Violet Casual Outfit
-Fixed a few parts of the gallery that was broken. (Index Error still there)
-Broke the Gallery...
-Fixed Goth bedroom having a corruption requirement.
-Fixed CarWash CG Unlock
-Fixed a bug where your grades would go down every time you clicked on the school even if school was out.
-Fixed Event timing bugs with the Bar job.
-Fixed a bug with the Honor Roll Achievement.
-If you have A's then doing homework will no longer take up a time slot.
-5 New Violet Dom Events
-5 New Violet Sub Events
-Matt & Carrigan Sprite Fixes
-Cafe raise for pure (non-corruption) playthroughs.
-10 New Text Violet Scenes
-2 New Violet Selfies
-5 New Text Damien Scenes
-5 New Text Kate Scenes
-5 New Text Matt Scenes
-Mr. D Coffee Shop side route completed.

Uni 0.27.84
-Fixed Gallery not updating.
-Matt Sprites added to latest scenes.
-Fixed multiple typos.
-New sprite transforms added.
-Corruption balancing + adding several more corruption gain or loss based on choices.
-New Kate Makeout CG Scene
-3 New Matt CG Scene + Matt, Damien, Chelsea Scene.
-New Damien CG Scene after homecoming.
-Several other smaller bug fixes. (Sprites, transitions, gallery problems, etc.)

Uni 0.26.83
-Added a New Dream.
-Fixed Getting out of Matts route via not showering off spilled milk.
-Fixed Violet Party even not triggering in her route.
-Fixed Damien Map icon showing up when it shouldn't.
-Fixed a few sprite image size bugs.
-Fixed the salon background to be 1080p instead of 4K.
-Added Damien Mall Event Dressing Room Selfie.
-Added Damien Yearbook CG Scene.
-Added Damien Cheer CG Scene.
-Added Damien Track CG Scene.
-Added Kate Puppies CG Scene.
-Added 5 New Damien Scenes.
-Added 5 New Matt Scenes.
-Fixed a Kate Sprite problem during the flower festival.
-Fixed Matt's Smirk Sprite.

Quite a lot of new content to experience with all the updates so we hope that you'll enjoy it! Any feedback is welcome about the game. Thank you all for your amazing support for Uni. It helps keep us all going!
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Thank you,
Hizor Games

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a lot of scenes with Matt are just blank(black) screens with text. Any fixes for that ? This is my first time playing 

Thank you so much for this update! Time for another playthrough!