Uni 0.31.88 Released to pubic and 0.32.89 Released on Patreon

Morning everyone,
With the release of our latest version, version 0.32.89, we have released 0.31.88 to the public to fix the plethora of bugs that have been reported with it.
In 0.31.88 we have done extensive testing and have done what we can to get the game to work on Windows 7 and certain android versions, if the game still does not work properly on your systems with this update there is nothing more that we are able to do to fix this as we have worked with Ren'py to try and fix the issue.

If you're interested in 0.32.89 you can find the What's New Post here on our Patreon:

Thank you all for your patience with us on this, you're all truly wonderful.

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is there a "what's new" post? I'd love to read it