Uni Version 0.36.95 released for Backers

Uni Version 0.36.95 has been dropped for backers on our Patreon with a ton of fixes and new CGs!


  • -Fixed Damien route progression passed homecoming dance.
  • -Fixed Violet-Damien event trigger conflict
  • -Fixed Alice clothes in her second event.
  • -Fixed missing dialog during the homecoming dance in Damien's route.
  • -Fixed Sprite Placement in Cafe.
  • -Fixed Clothing error in cafe.
  • -Can now trigger Damien's mall date by going to the mall.
  • -Fixed consistiency with a random cheer event should you have a cat.
  • -Fixed inconstiency caused by the first bar event triggering too early.
  • -Removed Minigames icon in the laptop menu.
  • -Fixed an odd background change when going to bed.
  • -Fixed Matt Bar conflict appearing even if he had been dealt with.
  • -Added Coach Rudy Sprite
  • -Added Coach Clayton Sprite
  • -Added August Casual Clothes Sprite.
  • -Added Cheer Practice CG Scene
  • -Added Coach Clayton CG Scene
  • -Added Mr. Davis Photo CG Scene

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