Uni 0.41.100 Public Release

Uni has been updated to version 0.42.101 on the Patreon and with it 0.41.100 has been brought to the public you can find all the changes to the game since the previous public version below!


Uni 0.41.100:
-The Giraffe tongue during the Kate Zoo date is now the correct color.
-Small fixes to all of Violet's Car CG scenes. (Seatbelt placement and small details)
-Small fix to the homework bullies to prevent them from showing up too early.
-Cheer Practice CG Scene Fix (Chelsea's hair is now in a ponytail.)
-Cheer CG with Coach Clayton has been fixed to include Chelsea's ponytail.
-Cheer CG with Damien under the bleachers has been remade.
-Ryan is now much more expressive (Additional Expressions added)
-Removed the Stats Screen when using the laptop to prevent errors.
-Fixed Stripclub event progression.
-Fixed Matt Blackmail Bad Ending from not triggering in certain scenes.
-Added an additional dialog branch in the case that you did not play S&M (Swords and Magic) with Levi the first time.
-Added Basic Mod Support (Example mod can be found in the mods folder. Modding Guide to come later.)
-Added Fancy Restaurant Background to Violets dates.
-Added Track Meet Background for Track Meet events.
-Added a Violet CG Scene when you're putting on the blue dress.
-Added a Violet CG Scene when you're on the way back from the restaurant.
-Added larger tips in both Cafe and Bar.
-Increased final Bakery payout.
-Added Matt Lending CG Scene.
-"Blowing" rent now gives corruption for doing so.
-Tracy now has toes in her Bikini outfit.

Uni 0.40.99:
-You now have 3 extra tries to win at the lottery stand in town.
-5 New Lisa Texting events (Images WIP)
-6 New Club Events.
-Updated Dress Reveal CG scene with Damien.
-New Cheer events have a peer pressure mechanic which effects your choices.
-Fixed Matt showing up in other conflict events despite dealing with him in a previous one.
-Fixed Damien remaining in his casual clothes after visiting you at your club
-Fixed Violet showing up in events despite not dating her.
-Added a message concerning CG Scenes at the start of the game.
-Added New Olivia Casual Outfit.
-Added New Tracy Casual Outfit.
-Added Kate Apartment Background.
-Added a message that displays if you load an old save file. Warning of possible errors.
-Fixed Matt showing up beaten up no matter what you did.
-Fixed a Violet Dom event from triggering properly.
-Added Carly Cheer Sprite + 2 Outfits.
-Added Ashley Cheer Sprite + 2 Outfits.
-Added Megan Cheer Sprite + 2 Outfits.
-Added Parker Cheer Sprite + 2 Outfits.
-Added Olivia Swimwear Outfits.
-Added Chelsea Swimwear Outfits.
-Added New Cheer Girl sprites to older scenes.
-Updated Damien Cheer Club vist CG for consistency.
-Added Damien Board Game Stripping Scene + Damien Winning CG
-Added Homecoming Background

Uni 0.39.98b:
-Fixed a Priority issue with the second Matt event that could potientially cause it to not occur.
-Fixed a missing Yearbook Club Background
-Fixed a bug with Matt-Violet conflict event trigger.
-Fixed a bug with Matt shown beat up despite the events of the Damien-Matt conflict.

Uni 0.39.98:
-Fixed Bar-Violet Event overlap.
-Increased Alice Event Chances.
-Consistency issues with Damien during club visit fixed.
-Reworked Mia's face.
-Added Aquarium Background.
-Added School Hallway Background - Still a few areas needing it.
-Added 2 Violet Selfies depending on which route you're on with her.
-1 New CG Scene Matt Sex Scene after Aquarium
-2 New Alice/Kenzie Events.
-2 New Kate Conflict Events (Violet & Damien).
-Increase Bakery and Cafe Payout.
-Fixed Conflict Events overlapping Bar events.
-Fixed being able to enter the stripclub without doing a certain choice.
-Fixed Damien Dating Error.
-Lowered inital karaoke event trigger chances.
-Removed Default Clothes button and added the Default Casualwear to the wardrobe.
-Refusing to go to the Mall with Damien no longer breaks his route.
-Fixed final MafiaMatt favor event from immediately triggering when waking up.
-Fixed Matt-Damien Conflict event not triggering.

Uni 0.38.97b
-Fixed clothing errors with Damien Homecoming.
-Added missing CGs to Damien Homecoming
-Fixes the scene black problems covering events.
-Fixed Kate conflict event triggers.

Uni 0.38.97
-Increased Homework Chance.
-Tweaked Event trigger priorities.
-Phone System Updated.
-Fixed Violet Text inconsistency with party choice.
-Fixed Matt-Kate Event Trigger conflict.
-Fixed Matt-Violet Event Trigger conflict
-Added Kiss Violet CG to a scene missing it.
-Fixed a few Background problems. (Should remove a few black backgrounds)
-Fixed Kate Zoo bus ride scene so that it will account for the multiple other people that you could be dating.
-Fixed Kate Zoo Date Sprite problems
-Fixed a bug with breaking up with Kate
-Fixed Indecisive Decorator Achievement from not properly unlocking.
-Fixed a bug during Damien's homecoming event where the wrong club dialog would play.
-Fixed a bug during Damien's Aquarium date where the exhibit choices would repeat.
-Fixed a few clothing inconsistencies.
-Locations now properly fade out when clicking on them.
-Fixed a Levi Sprite issue.
-Added a Corrupted School Uniform as a reward for unlocking the "Corrupted" achievement.
-Added Clearer tutorial instructions and new tutorial messages.
-Added jump to map shortcut from bedroom.(M key)
-Tweaked Texting chances.
-Added 5 New Kate Conflict Events.
-Added Violet-Damien event.
-Added New Dialog branch for Dom Chelsea in Violet-Matt conflict.
-Reworked the introduction scene.
-Added Kenzie Sprite.
-Added Mia Sprite.
-Added Simone Sprite.
-Added Samantha Sprite.
-Added Alice School event rewrite.
-Added 1 New Kenzie event.
-Added 3 New CG Scenes to Damien's route.
-Added Damien Suit outfit
-Added Alex Suit outfit
-Added Homecoming Dress outfit.


Uni 0.41.100 - Windows & Linux (MEGA)
Jul 01, 2022
Uni 0.41.100 - Windows & Linux (Google Drive)
Jul 01, 2022
Uni 0.41.100 - Android (MEGA)
Jul 01, 2022
Uni 0.41.100 - Android (Google Drive)
Jul 01, 2022
Uni 0.41.100 - MAC (MEGA)
Jul 01, 2022
Uni 0.41.100 - MAC (Google Drive)
Jul 01, 2022

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There's a bug with texting Lisa via contacts.

Every time I try to text her, the phone gets disabled so I need to either rollback or load previous save but it works fine for other characters.

"The Giraffe tongue during the Kate Zoo date is now the correct color"

The attention to detail is incredible lol